Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New year's resolutions ...

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What is Antique? What is Vintage? What is a Collectible?

I have always wondered where to draw the line in the sand. Beach joke.

What is an antique?
Antique as something made over 100 years ago.
This was established by the US Customs Office in the 1930s
Collectors and dealers use this guideline date to separate an antique from a collectible.
What is vintage?
Vintage is something that is 20 years old or more.
It is recognizable to be of a particular era.
What are collectibles?  There are 3 types of collectibles.
All are less than 100 years old.
Historical & Artistic [i.e.Tiffany lamps, Weiss Jewelry]
Mass Produced [i.e. Beanie Babies]
Collectible by Association [i.e. Memorabilia from Elvis Presley’s Estate]