Monday, February 9, 2015

Baby it's Cold Outside!

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It’s been awhile since the New Year began and we are back into the Ice Age!
I've had Cabin Fever since the first of January and now I can’t get the front door open, let alone the car door.  I’d also like to keep my fingers and toes for a few more years.

What do you do?  I have plenty to do.  (Too much, actually.)  I’d like less, but I want to go OUT!  I don’t care where… the pharmacy will do.  If I make it that far, then I can make it across the street to one of those cheap department stores.  That will keep me busy a little longer.

I know what will happen next, it’s automatic when I’m out… hunger!  That’s when I’d better get out of the store… FAST!  I will purchase things I will regret.  I want real food.

Off I go… must drive a bit since there isn't much nearby and even if there were, I’d be tired of eating whatever it was.  So what do I want? 

Ohhh noooo… all I want is to get warm.  I’m going home, watch TV and snuggle under 10 blankets to try and stop shivering.

I hope you are all staying safe and warm.  Please take all precautions, and remember any neighbors who may need you… anyone with health problems, the elderly, or even a lost pet.