Saturday, February 21, 2015

What’s Up with Alice?

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PJ from seasidecollectibles loves Alice. It might be due to the nonsense of it. As an adult, it seems that every aspect of life needs to be organized. Alice releases PJ from this obligation with its whimsical fun.
PJ was born to a family of collectors. Five generations in her family collected and cared for items from all around the world. A picker at heart ,she is fascinated mostly by books,stories and related collectibles.

Her unique shop on Etsy, has great items of "Alice in wonderland":

PJ has a wonderful job (inflight purser) that  takes her around the world and she search the local markets and fairs for interesting treasures.

On top of that, she loves salvage. More than that she loves people and loves to travel. 
Sometimes while driving around PJ  get so excited when seeing something that she forgets to set the emergency brake...This has only happen to her once. Cars roll backwards when on a hill. Slowly at first....

One such salvage you can find in her shop:

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