Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lana Leuschen from ravished HEART

I met Lana through "Vintage Vogue Team" on Etsy. Etsy these days is an enormous site with about one million small shops. Being in a team gives you the sense of togetherness that is sometimes missing when you work from home.
People who choose to make a living from vintage or handmade ,do so because they are passionate about it..
So, vogue team is a group of mostly vintage lovers.Working with Lana on the team I know that her  fascination and fervor is to take things that have been other wise discarded, lonely, broken or old and combine them with other materials or objects to create something new.
Repurposing and giving new life to those old and lonely things ,is also very important for conserving earth limited resources.

Lana tells that her passion for creating came from her mother,who has the creation passion as well.
From a very young age ,Lana was creating things together with her mother.

As expected from someone creating such romantic jewelry,Lana's studio is so romantic..

In order to create a new item, Lana needs to see all old and broken parts in front of her.
So, she says her working place is not so tidy ...
I am sure the cats are a great help in that respect...

Some beautiful vintage jewelry parts:

And what Lana created :

A cute dog modeling Lana's upcycled cat collar:

Lana creates not only jewelry (for people and animals..) but also lovely vintage collages:

I conclude in Lana's own words: