Friday, August 8, 2014

Dansk Kobenstyle Design

Dansk design was an American company.

Their chief designer was the Danish sculptor Jens Harald Quistgaard .

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More than 4.500 individual pieces designed 

by Jens H Quistgaard went into production in his lifetime. From boats to cooking pots, from knives to chairs.
 At the peak of his career in 1960s and 1970s, Quistgaard was the most prolific Danish designer around.

From the mid-1950s his tableware and kitchenware designs became synonymous with Scandinavian modern and found their way into millions of homes in the USA, Europe and Japan.

His enamel on steel tableware and kitchenware series from 1955 was called Kobenstyle. 

Kobenstyle was produced in Denmark and was sold in four colors in the first year: Turquoise, Yellow, Red and "Lime Green".

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Since 1959 a universal identifying mark for use on the entire Dansk line:

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 The four ducks mark is only on items made in Denmark (1959-1965).These are more sought-after by collectors.

On late 1965 the first new designs in a decade are introduced in the Kobenstyle line, the pans  are altered and now have teak handles, the colors are changed and production moves
                from Denmark to France.

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II have one pitcher of the Kobenstyle series at home.
It has some damage ,but I like it like this.

Considered selling it on my Etsy shop ,but couldn't.

I like it too much.


:Since 2012 Kobenstyle is produced again.

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