Wednesday, August 6, 2014


An Etsy team member posted this on facebook.  Here are some of the answers she got from others.

QUESTION:  Does anyone know how to get yellowing/discoloring (due to age) out of a crocheted bedspread? I have a beautiful one that also has some red roses here and there, but the white part of it has some yellowing/discoloring, which I didn't notice when I bought it due to the lighting. I don't want to wash it because I think it may lose it's shape and the red from the roses might bleed. Any "tried and true" methods that you know of that work? Any advice is welcomed! Thanks!

Some good ANSWERS:

 >>>Oxyclean soaks work well in most cases. I've soaked doll clothes from the 50's and they
came out looking fresh and clean. 

To use an oxygen cleaner soak when you don't want to wash a very old or delicate item in the washer, fill a small container or tub with water, or even the washing machine, according to the size of your item.  Use HOT water  if the item is white or a light color.  For dark colors, use COLD water.  Add more or less oxygen cleaner according to how dingy your item is.  Make sure to disolve the cleaner completely before adding the item.  

SOAK for an hour or so if the item is only lightly soiled.  You can soak for up to 24 hours if it is very dingy.  Occaisionally swishing the water around is helpful.

RINSE thoroughly and gently squeeze the water out.  Lay it flat to dry.

Here are some other good suggestions:

>>>Put it in the SUN. Lay it out on the grass on a sunny day.

Sunlight works wonders in brightening up a dingy item, as long as it's clean.  It won't remove dirt or other stains.  You can try this after soaking in oxygen cleaner which will further brighten your item.

 >>>If you want to try to SPOT CLEAN make an oxyclean paste and apply to one spot to test.  If it does not stain or damage the item, mix enough paste to cover the spot and apply.  Let dry completely, then brush off.

>>>I made an Oxyclean mixture in a squirt bottle so I can direct it right where I want it. And setting in the sun really helps.

Fill an empty SQUIRT BOTTLE with water adding 2 or 3 scoops of oxygen cleaner and shake well until thouroughly mixed.  

SQUIRT the spot, let it soak for awhile, then squirt with clean water to rinse.  You can dab it dry with a clean towel, or lay it in the sun to dry.